Impact racing Apparel

A combination of performance and fit in both Custom and Standard 1 or 2-piece suits. Are you paying extra for these standard features?

  • European Gloss Filament, Semi-Gloss Twill, and Matte Finish Gabardine Nomex fabric choices:

    (1) Gloss Filament Nomex(Custom) - Our finest imported European woven Filament Nomex. Features a beautiful high gloss finish that is the softest, most comfortable fabric we offer. The rich colors not only command attention, they are incredibly color fast and durable. Which means your suit will look better, longer than the competition's.

    (2) Semi-Gloss Twill Nomex(Custom/Standard) - A beautiful imported European Twill Nomex. Featuring a semi shiny finish(not as shiny or rich as Gloss Filament) that is soft to the hand and breathable. The Bright range of colors are also color fast and durable to stand out on race day, all season long.

    (3) Matte Finish Gabardine Nomex(Standard) - A matte finish domestically manufactured Gabardine Nomex. Featuring a flat light absorbing finish(no shine). Great durability and breathability.

  • Box quilting with a soft knit lining

  • Piping trim

  • Soft knit rolled collar

  • 360 degree full arm gusset

  • Wide athletic shoulders with internal restraint padding

  • Lumbar lower back gusset

  • Canted pant pockets for easy entry when standing or sitting

  • Straight leg pants with knit cuffs on ankle and wrist

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