C&R Custom Radiators

Custom Built Radiators

C&R Racing, Inc. offers solutions to high performance radiator applications as well as complete cooling packages. C&R builds custom radiators to the height, width, fitting layout, and mounts specific to your application. C&R has the technology to build crossflow, downflow, counterflow, or doublepass radiators depending on your high performance needs. Custom-built radiators solve common problems for high performance needs in all racing applications. C&R’s all-aluminum design results in radiators that are lighter and have greater cooling power. The custom-built radiators use furnace brazed cores (no epoxy) resulting in better heat dissipation and are heliarc welded with CNC precision machined billet aluminum necks and fittings. SPAL fans and custom C&R brackets or shrouds are available with each custom-built radiator.

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