Dual-functional ram air + heat extractor fiberglass SSK hood for 1997-2004 Dodge Dakota. Dual-functional ram air hood provides cold air to the factory intake location and provides heat extraction via built-in vents in the hood. When used in conjunction with a compatible open-air intake, functional ram-air system increases horsepower & throttle response as cool & dense air enters the hood via built-in ducting and is directed to the intake filter location.


Built-in heat extractor vents extract the heat from the engine compartment helping your Dodge Dakota run cooler which increases horsepower & throttle response. Fiberglass hoods provide functionality in addition to aggressive styling & appearance. These hoods are manufactured using quality fiberglass and come unpainted with a white gel coat finish. Guaranteed fitment & quality backed by a 90-day manufacturer warranty.


• Fully functional ram air + heat extractor hood.

• Bolt-on installation using existing factory hardware.

• Mesh screen pre-installed in all visible vents.

• 90-day Limited Manufacture Warranty. Available for 1997-2004 Dodge Dakota.


Hood comes unpainted and will require prep, primer & paint. Bolt-on installation using existing factory hinges & latch. No modifications required for installation. Professional installation is recommended.


Contact Southeast Performance for pricing and details. Many other hoods are available for Chevy, Ford, Chrysler.

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