Buick CNC Cylinder Heads

Considering the purchase of a pair of ported Buick cast iron heads? If your not purchasing our Buick CNC series, then you are not getting the most complete, consistent, and accurately machined Buick Iron Heads on the market today! The process begins by selecting only the best factory castings to assure the highest quality product possible. After cleaning and inspection the heat riser passage is filled with aluminum to enhance exhaust flow. The castings then begin the porting process on a CNC machining center. All operations performed on the CNC are completed in one setup eliminating the possible inaccuracy's that result from moving parts from one machine to another. Special Machining Features Include: •CNC machined 46cc combustion chambers are the same shape and volume on every head. •Intake and exhaust port openings and bowls are consistently machined as a guide to the final professional hand polishing for maximum flow and power. •Precision milled finish on intake, exhaust, and valve cover gasket surfaces. •Machined clearance on rocker pedestals to clear aftermarket T&D shaft rocker assemblies •Precision milled deck surface for proper head gasket seal and to adjust combustion chamber volume. Additional Features: •Valve Guides upgraded with K-line bronze liners precision honed to the correct valve stem to guide clearance. •Guides machined to accept Teflon valve stem seals. •Valve Seats contour machined on a Newen II CNC valve seat machining center •Multi angle valve seats with superior geometry, concentricity, and surface finish. •Consistent depth and profile of valve seats not possible on manual machines. Complete assemblies include quality parts: •Manley one-piece severe duty intake and exhaust valves. •New valve springs •Chrome Moly spring retainers. •Hardened valve locks. •New freeze plugs •Hydraulic roller springs available upon request. Final assembly is performed by qualified technicians with special attention to detail. All valve springs are set up for a hydraulic cam with a maximum lift of .500". Valve Springs are installed at a height of 1.75" yielding a closed pressure of 100 lbs. What are the keys to unsurpassed performance? •15 years experience working with Buick V-6 Turbo Heads •A total commitment to a quality product •Extensive on going research and development to stay on the cutting edge of cylinder head technology •Constant review of the machining process to stay current with the latest innovative techniques. The choice is simple. If your looking for the finest quality ported iron head available today the Buick CNC Series is the clear winner. Let Southeast Performance bring you to a new level of quality and performance.

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