Chevy Cylinder Head Porting

This is just a short list shown as to the Chevrolet cylinder heads we have completed. Please ask for your specific application if not shown and pricing.

Chevrolet Cylinder Heads

Dart 220 [std intake runner]

Dart 220 [raised intake runner]

Dart 220 [std exh location]

Dart 220 [spread exh location] 18 Degree GM head [large and small valve spacing]

LS1 Stage 1/2 Street Heads LS1 NHRA super stock to fit stock intake manifold

LS1 NHRA super stock raised intake runner




Dart Pro-1 small block

NHRA super stock small block 462-041 1.94/1.50

NHRA super stock big block 840 2.19/1.72

Dart Pro-1 big block


Big Brodie

Edelbrock Performer

Edelbrock Performer RPM

Edelbrock Performer E Series

Edelbrock Victor Jr. Series

Edelbrock Victor Series

Edelbrock Chevy Duramax® Diesel V8

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