Dodge 426 HEMI Cylinder Heads

Complete C&C cylinder head porting with SERTI 4.0 Valve seat cutter for your Dodge HEMI to bring out the best in performance.

Here are some of our HEMI cylinder head profiles:

Stage V Hemi [standard and raised intake locations]
                    [standard and raised exhaust locations]
                    [millenium head (rotated exhaust valve)]
Aluminum "Street or Race" 110-M Hemi
Indy Legend Hemi 426-1R
Indy Legend Hemi 426-1RA
NHRA Super Stock Aluminum modified Hemi 110-M head
NHRA Super Stock Aluminum Hemi'65 110-M head

NHRA Super Stock Iron Hemi '64-'71 559-M head

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