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GReddy’s e-Manage is a cost effective programmable engine management system that allows you to properly tune your factory engine control without having to change the entire factory ECU system to an expensive "stand-alone" unit or the inconvenience of sending it out for a full ECU reprogram. The e-Manage system is a true universal "piggy-back" type unit that taps into most Japanese factory ECU wiring, by utilizing the vehicle’s existing sensors (or optional upgraded sensors if factory sensors are maxed out). The major benefit is the factory ECU settings become your "Base-MAP" for tuning. There is no need for extensive tuning for normal driving conditions, but does allow the tuner to fine tune, adjust for injector changes, and add new MAP(s) for situations the factory ECU is not capable of (like on-boost conditions). And as technological breakthroughs are achieved, we offer FREE updates via our website’s Tech page. Basic functions will allow the tuner to slightly alter factory injector duty-cycle (± 20% at 5 preset RPM points) by intercepting and altering airflow or MAP sensor signals. An option for Honda VTEC cars will allow you to even adjust the VTEC shift point. Additional features are built into the system but are only accessible through the use of the e0-1, PRofec e-01 programmer or our PC-Windows based "e-Manage Support Tool" communication software (sold separately). There is a 16x16 airflow adjustment map, a maximum 50% larger main injector correction adjustment, upgrade air flow meter adjustment, boost limiter cut, anti-engine stall, VTEC-fuel adjustment, real-time map trace, real-time display, real-time communication and basic Data-logging. With the use of our "Optional Injector Harness" and the software, the unit has the ability to control an additional 16x16 injector duty cycle map and the controls for adding up to 2 additional sub-injectors. If the "Optional Ignition Harness" and the software are used the unit has the ability to control a 16x16 ignition timing map. All of the above maps can also be map-traced in real-time as well. If the factory range of map or airflow meter is surpassed, you can incorporate a larger airflow meter or our "Optional GReddy Pressure Sensor and Pressure Harness" to set larger scales of adjustment. All installation and tuning should only be made by a trained technician with proper air/fuel monitoring tools. (Some or all functions may not be compatible with some applications.)

The Greddy e-Manage Ultimate does what no other piggyback ECU can. Engineered to preserve the best features of the original e-Manage (economical price, no need for tuning from scratch, & compatible for most Japanese performance vehicles). Physical dimensions of the case are the same as the previous e-manage model, however the “e-manage Ultimate” has a black-chrome finish.

 Front Panel

  • (Dip) Toggle Switch - 2 independent setting can now be stored and accessed via the “Toggle Switch.” 2 separate maps for the “Injection Adjustment Map” and the “Ignition Map.” (For Rotary engines, 2 separate “Primary and Secondary Injector Maps” and “Leading & Trailing Ignition Maps.”) i.e. one program for “street” and one for “race track”.
  • Serial port - External data (like “GReddy Warning Meters”, and other future optional products) can be monitored and recorded in real time through a data link cable.
  • Switch Port - “Data logging” and “Ignition Cut” features can be activated with the use of an optional “Remote Switching System” and “Switching Harness”
  • Option 1 & Option 2 - An additional “Option Connector” is added to the previous “Pressure Connector.” Now any two Options (like “GReddy Pressure Sensor”, “GReddy Temp Sensor,” “Multi-Switching System,” A/F Meter, Auxiliary Switch, Factory Pressure Sensor, or Other Analog Input signal) can be selected using the “Option 1” and/or “Option 2 “ ports.
  • USB Port - e-Manage is industry first to adapt the USB communication technology. We have improved communication with ability to use standard USB cables. This improvement also enhances the communication speed for more detailed real time monitoring and data recording.

Real Panel


  • Because of new Features, there are now 3 “Harness Connectors” (sold separately). The 18-pin and 12-pin connectors and the signal pins are identical to the previous e-manage system, while a new 14-pin connector was added for new features. Additional “Vehicle Specific Plug-in Harness” may also be available for certain applications.

Circuit Board


  • Many Optional Adapters, which previously need to be purchased separately, are now built-in. The internal circuit board contains 20 “Jumper Switches” to accommodate (previously separate) features, including:
  • Mazda Hotwire Airflow Meter Adapter
  • Ignition Signal Adapter Socket (Ignition Signal Adapter 1 & 2)

Parameter Setting - The biggest change to this system is in the “Parameter Setting” window. With all the added features, the window is now in a tab menu format.

  • Speed Limiter Cut Feature - This feature will eliminate the factory speed limiter. (May not work on some vehicles)
  • Throttle Setting - Any voltage can be inputted directly to set the throttle position.
  • Warning Setting - “e-manage Ultimate” can illuminate the Active L.E.D. as a warning light for RPM and/or one additional parameter from the menu, by selecting and setting a warning point value (or an unused “I/J CH” can be used to activate a relay to illuminate an external warning light).
  • Ignition Cut Feature - With the installation of a switch (in the “ON” position), ignition can be cut at a set RPM point
  • Map Trace
  • Protect Feature - Each Map has the option to be password protected
  • A/T Shift Compensation Feature - On vehicles with Automatic Transmissions, ignition timing can be compensated at set shift-up and shift-down points
  • Channel Change Feature - Vehicles with a distributor type ignition system may able to use group fire or individual ignition systems (Replacement parts and modifications to the wire harness is required)Also, Group injection systems may be changed to sequential injection (Modifications to the wire harness is required).


  • Airflow Output Map - Previously labeled “Airflow Adjustment Map” is now “Airflow Output Map”. (#)This can now used to eliminate the factory airflow meter. This is done by directly inputting voltage or frequency in to this map.
  • Anti Engine Stall Feature - The 8 adjustment cells are now upgraded to 16 cells, for even finer adjustment.
  • Injection Adjustment Map - Fuel trimming in the previous system was achieved by adjusting the “Airflow Adjustment Map” which could also affect the ignition timing. The improved “Injection Adjustment Map” is used to trim and add fuel directly by controlling the injector signal, therefor it will not affect the ignition timing at all. (However with an internal jumper setting change, the system is still able to trim the fuel by adjusting the airflow signal like the previous unit)
  • Acceleration Injection Map - Like the “Injection Adjustment Map”, the “Acceleration Injection Map” can trim fuel by controlling the injector signal. This is used if it is necessary to smooth rapid transitions to wide open throttle.
  • Individual Cylinder Injection Adj. & Individual Cylinder Ignition Adj. Maps - It is possible to correct uneven combustion between cylinders, by fine tuning each individual cylinder for more advanced tuning.
  • Vehicle Speed Correction Map - Inconsistencies due to differences in vehicle speed (difference in load) can be corrected with this map.
  • Coolant Temp Correction Map (Must be Selected with Knock Signal 1) - When the ECU Coolant Temp Calibration does not match the e-manage’s tuning, this map is used to tune the system at various temperature ranges.
  • Intake Air Temp Correction Map (Must be Selected with Knock Signal 2) - When the ECU Intake Air Temp Calibration does not match the e-manage’s tuning, this map is used to tune the system at various temperature ranges. (#)This map is also be used when eliminating the airflow meter on a vehicle equipped with a hotwire type airflow meter.
  • Rev Limiter Cut - For vehicles with a fuel cutting controlled rev limiter, this feature will drive the injectors past the factory rev limiter. *This feature will not work on vehicles with rev limiter controlled by ignition cut.
  • A/F Target Value Map (feedback tuning function) - By inputting target Air Fuel values in this map, “e-mange Ultimate” will automatically make corrections to the “Injection Map,” if an A/F meter (*high quality) is connected to the Auxiliary Output signal. This feature can shorten the tuning time.
  • Ignition Adjustment Map - The “Ignition Adjustment Map” can accurately advance ignition timing by controlling the crank angle / cam angle signal.
  • Acceleration Ignition Map - Ignition timing can also be corrected for a rapid change in the throttle opening rate for a smoother transition into wide open throttle.
  • NVCS Control Map - NVCS (Nissan Valve Control System) can be controlled with out the need for NVCS Adapter 1.
  • Analog Output Map - This feature can be used to eliminate the factory boost cut function on vehicles that are equipped with both an airflow meter and a pressure sensor (i.e.: FC3S, Subaru). Also, on some vehicles, the factory feedback range can be adjusted by outputting a corrected throttle position signal.
  • Auxilary Output Map - The fixed 4x4 map on the previous unit is now a fully adjustable 16x16 map. Set your own "ON" and "OFF" conditions.
  • Idle Stabilization Map - If the factory idle control valve is a solenoid type valve, this map can vary the valve’s duration to adjust the injection rate. (#)This is used when eliminating the airflow meter.

Other Added Features

  • RPM Signal RecognitionImproved RPM signal. If the standard RPM signal wire cannot be used, an RPM signal can be recognized though a crank angle / cam angle signal. With an internal jumper setting, the system can even recognize RPM from the negative signal of the ignition coil.
  • Fouled Plug Feature - When initiated this feature can help clean fouled spark plugs by cutting the injector’s firing at start up. To fix the fouled plug start the engine with wide-open throttle.

Data Log Features

  • Data Logging - Samplings can be recorded at 20msec on up to different 8 channels on the unit itself and over 30 when using the included software. The data can be recorded even when the PC is not connected.
  • TEXT File Feature - The data recorded in the Real Time Display mode can now be save as TEXT file. Organizing the data can simplified by opening the data in Excel and creating a graph.
  • Knock Monitor (Future update) - Knock can be monitored and reviewed.
  • Ignition Timing Display (Future update) - Ignition Timing can be monitored in the Real Time Display mode.

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