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Darren B.

Darren B.

440 Plymouth

Alan P.

First off, I just have to say that I have never came across a more stand-up guy that takes his time to connect with his customers and have the...

Mike M.

John's very honest, something that's hard to find these days. This means he'll tell you the truth and you may not want to hear it. LOL. The best...

Colton H.

Colton H.

"Johns the man, bought a 410 package from him years ago after I got back from overseas. The caveat I gave John was that it had to pass Californian...

Jim A.

Jim A.

Two year champion in modified tractor pulling classes named "Watch This Trick". Chrysler 426 Hemi. Thanks for the Great Service!

Felix C.

How awesome is this! This superb service is exactly on point w/what everyone have raved about. Thank you, Felix

Brian A.

Brian A.

The 408 engine runs strong, put on dyno 405hp with 415tq N/A not shabby.. also was on 22" wheels with those numbers est. 500-525 @ crank. Thanks so...

Barbara H.

John, Thanks again for making Colton's dream come true! The truck is in the body shop, the cowl hood arrived and the new 408 engine you built is...

Tom R.

John--the 408 engine you built for me is outstanding. Feel free to give him my cell number and I'll happily give you a strong reference. Thank you...

David A.

David A.

Thanks for everything, David

Appleton Rack and Pinions

  In 1978 George Appleton founded the company Appleton Chassis.  After building chassis for many years for both dirt and asphalt he decided to build a rack and pinion that would meet his high standards.  He wanted to make the best possible rack and pinion but still keep the price down.  He sold more than expected and started to concentrate more on the rack and pinion assembly than the whole chassis.  Soon, he changed his business name to Appleton Rack and Pinion, Inc.  George would then bring his youngest son, Fred, into the business.  Fred later became the president of the company.  Today, Fred's oldest son Jayson is Vice President also.

    The basic rack and pinion design is still used today.  The all in one design makes it very compact, because the servo and cylinder are connected to the main unit.  With this set up there is no need to run extra hoses and mount the servo and cylinder.  Most all major rack and pinion manufacturers have began to use this configuration because of its neatness.  Appleton Rack & Pinion also uses a l 1/4" hardened rack shaft and pinion gear.  We offer 6 different ratios ranging from 1.8 to 3.9 inches per turn.  Also, we offer 5 different servo feels including double extra light, extra light, light, medium, and heavy.  The driver can customize the rack to their liking or to track conditions.  The rack housings we offer are super light cast aluminum or tougher billet aluminum.  If lighter is what you want to try, and aluminum shaft and cast housing would be great for you.  The total weight of this unit is 10pounds, which is 7 pounds lighter than the standard steel shafted unit.

    Also, we offer a filter tank cooler (FTC).  Not only does this unit hold and distribute power steering fluid it also filters and cools it.  The FTC will help prevent damage on your steering rack immensely.  We also offer synthetic power steering fluid and other products that you might we interested in. 

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