Greddy Coil Over Systems

Greddy Full Corner, Full Length Adjustable Ride Height With an adjustable threaded base and spring perch, height adjustments can be make without sacrificing spring preload or shock stroke. Even with a lower ride height, by maintaining stroke, bottoming out can be prevented, thus maintaining traction even when hitting a dip while cornering. In addition, by having both adjustments for the front and rear, it is possible to adjust ride height in millimeter increments if desired

Adjustable Spherical Bearing Upper Mounts Standard equipment on vehicles equipped with front struts are adjustable pherical bearing (pillowball) upper mounts. The thick 10mm aluminum upper plates are precisely marked by secure and accurate camber adjustments. While the use of replaceable spherical bearings add extended life and cost effectiveness to the system.

32 Way Adjustable Dampering By using a special 32 way valve needle compression and rebound dampening can be simultaneously adjusted to suit both street and track use. The precise changes allow for sporty handling while still maintaining a comfortable ride.

Strengthened Rubber Bushing Upper Mounts & Billet Brackets For non-strut type applications, a thick 33mm strengthened rubber bushings on sturdy 10mm billet aluminum upper mount and lightweight billet aluminum brackets are used. This offers both exceptional noise reduction and very controllable handling profile.

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