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Founded by IMSA champ Steve Millen in 1986, Stillen became known as the Nissan tuner. Creating formidable race cars out of the already formidable 300ZX was the task at hand for many years. The coup de graci for Stillen was the SMZ. The SMZ featured a smorgasbord of upgrades in every concievable area from engine and transmission to suspension and brake geometry, and the car was as quick as any Ferrari of the day.
Today, Stillen is comprised of Super Trucks, Sports Cars, GTS, and Brake Pros. Selling entire package deals or over the counter on piece at a time, Stillen is capable of helping anybody enhance most any car, especially Nissans. In the Sports Cars division, anything from sway bars to exhaust systems for various applications and from various manufacturers are available.

Super Trucks offers the same set up, but for truck customers seeking lowering kits, lifting kits, exhaust systems, and so on. Stillen is also famous for supercharging. Their on-site installation facility allows customers to get professional installation and servicing. Stillen also produces their own urethane body components right on site, which not only ensures excellent results, but lower costs as well.

STILLEN all urethane bumper cover / front spoilers. These high quality, all urethane bumper cover, front spoilers are designed for a perfect fit making them easy to install. Durable and ready to prep, prime and paint, these bumper cover / front spoilers will give your vehicle a new aerodynamic look. Our bumper cover / front spoilers are so tough, we include a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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