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Mitch C.

Awesome work! Glad I went with you guys! Anyone I know of that wants to build I'll send your way! Thanks John! Your the man!! Mitch

Robert S.

Robert S.

Great parts and service! Robert

Phil S.

Phil S.

Great job creating this Dakota R/T Ground Affects Kit. Phil

Kayden G.

Well John, your service is amazing if you want my opinion. Never had better from any company I've ordered from. Thanks, Kayden

Henry T.

Henry T.

HEY! Everything is installed and car runs AWESOME! Thanks for everything, Thanks again Henry T. 2000 Dodge Viper R/T 10

World 426/440 Aluminum Mopar Big Blocks

The "Elephant" motor returns! Now in 357 T6 aluminum with all the improvements and quality you expect from World Products. Available with Hemi and Wedge head bolt and mount configurations and "Raised Cam" options.


426/440 Aluminum Big Block Chrysler Bare Engine Blocks
Part #DescriptionDeckBoreTypeMain Caps
088510Aluminum Block 10.7254.240HemiNodular, Cross Bolted
088515Aluminum Block 10.7254.490HemiNodular, Cross Bolted
088525Aluminum Block 10.7254.240Hemi Raised Cam Nodular, Cross Bolted
088530Aluminum Block 10.7254.490Hemi Raised Cam Nodular, Cross Bolted
088550Aluminum Block 10.7254.240WedgeNodular, Cross Bolted
088555Aluminum Block 10.7254.490WedgeNodular, Cross Bolted
088565Aluminum Block 10.7254.240Wedge Raised Cam Nodular, Cross Bolted
088570Aluminum Block 10.7254.490Wedge Raised Cam Nodular, Cross Bolted
426/440 Aluminum Big Block Chrysler Prepped Engine Blocks
088510-4250Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.250HemiNodular, Cross Bolted
088510-4280Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.280HemiNodular, Cross Bolted
088515-4500Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.500HemiNodular, Cross Bolted
088515-4530Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.530HemiNodular, Cross Bolted
088525-4250Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.250Hemi Raised Cam Nodular, Cross Bolted
088525-4280Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.280Hemi Raised Cam Nodular, Cross Bolted
088530-4500Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.500Hemi Raised Cam Nodular, Cross Bolted
088530-4530Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.530Hemi Raised Cam Nodular, Cross Bolted
088550-4250Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.250WedgeNodular, Cross Bolted
088550-4280Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.280WedgeNodular, Cross Bolted
088555-4500Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.500WedgeNodular, Cross Bolted
088555-4530Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.530WedgeNodular, Cross Bolted
088565-4250Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.250Wedge Raised Cam Nodular, Cross Bolted
088565-4280Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.280Wedge Raised Cam Nodular, Cross Bolted
088570-4500Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.500Wedge Raised Cam Nodular, Cross Bolted
088570-4530Prepped Aluminum Block 10.7254.530Wedge Raised Cam Nodular, Cross Bolted

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