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Unichip Tuning

The Unichip is an in-line, state-of-the-art computer upgrade that tunes stock and custom engine components to perform to their potential, safely and efficiently.

The Unichip is a computer that electronically resides between your carís ECU and engine, releasing 100 percent of an engineís untapped power. Sold worldwide for more than a decade, the Unichip is a tested and proven engine performance product used on the street, racetrack, and in off-road applications.

A Unichip installation consists of a Unichip computer module, a Plug-n-Play (PnP) wiring harness, and a performance map dyno-tuned for a specific vehicle & its components. The Unichip is a solid-state computer measuring the size and weight of a MP3 player, using multiple high-speed processors to control engine tuning & performance.

The Unichip is designed to work in virtually any vehicle Ė gas or diesel, normally aspirated or forced induction, import or domestic, car, truck, or SUV. +

No matter what vehicle you have, we guarantee maximum power from your gas engine. On an otherwise stock, normally aspirated gas vehicle, adding the Unichip typically produces a peak power gain of between 5-9% and provides an increase at all rpm.

On a forced induction vehicle or on a modified normally aspirated gas vehicle, adding the Unichip produces a peak gain between 15-20%... sometimes even more.

How does it do it? The gains result from the Unichipís tight, accurate map sets that correct the Air-Fuel ratio and timing to produce maximum power. On turbocharged vehicles, we additionally modify the boost maps to both raise peak boost to the highest safe level and to start boost earlier and program it to reach its maximum quicker. On modified vehicles, the Unichip allows the mechanical parts youíve installed to function properly and produce the power you thought were getting, but probably werenít.

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