Accel Electronic Breakerless Module

High Performance Module for Accel Electronic Breakerless Distributors

The advanced engineering for the HEI ultra performance module p/n 35367 has been repackaged into a smaller size to fit inside the bowl of the Accel electronic breakerless distributors. The high amperage dwell circuit ensures full coil saturation for high RPM performance. Surface mount electronic technology maximizes efficiency, output and reliability. Accel 51000, 61000 and 71000 Series Electronic Breakerless Distributors are equipped with the 35366 module which operates on 12 volts, so there is no need to run a ballast resistor. Accel coils to use with the 35366 module include p/n's: 8145, 8145C, 140001, 140008 and 8140HV

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