Crane HI-6S CD Ignition Kits

Crane's HI-6S ignition and coil kits will give you up to 70 percent more spark-gap energy than stock ignitions. Designed for street and racing use, they come with Crane's "Plug-n-Go" universal harness to cover most installations, with optional harnesses available separately. With a max output of 8,000 rpm (can be extended to 10,000 rpm on 4-cylinder engines) for up to 9.5:1 compression engines, you'll be sure to feel the improvement. Their built-in rev limiter automatically drops cylinders in firing order to prevent fuel loading, and is adjustable from 3,100-9,900 rpm in 100-rpm increments, without any chips. The optional 0-20 degree adjustable timing retard and MAP sensor make a great combination for nitrous and turbo applications. They have a soft urethane encapsulation that seals against moisture, dirt, dust, vibration, and heat, and an anodized heat-sink shell for reliability. Crane designed them to be points or module-triggered for 4, 6, and 8-cylinder engines with distributors.

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