Apexi Exhaust Systems

A´PEXi exhaust systems are among the best in the automotive aftermarket industry. Since the company's founding 9 years ago, A´PEXi has helped revolutionize the industry with innovative concepts that focus on both form and function. By using feedback data from our racecars, A´PEXi exhaust systems are engineered to perform. A´PEXi engineers concentrate on performance and sound characteristics, not just aesthetics and tubing diameters. From raw materials to the finished product, each component is manufactured in-house to meet the highest standards. Every vehicle application is extensively researched and tested before final designs are approved for production.

WS2 Exhaust System94-99Integra GSR60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System00-01Integra GSR60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System94-99Integra GSR60mm115mm
N1 Exhaust System00-01Integra GSR60mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System94-99Integra GSR60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System94-97Integra GSR 4dr60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System94-97Integra GSR 4dr60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System94-97Integra LS/ Type R60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System98-01Integra LS/ Type R60mm100mm
GT Spec Exhaust System94-97Integra LS/ Type R60mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System98-01Integra LS/ Type R60mm115mm
N1 Exhaust System94-97Integra LS/Type R60mm115mm
N1 Exhaust System98-01Integra LS/Type R60mm115mm
N1 Exhaust System02+RSX Type S60mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System02+RSX Type S60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System02+RSX Type-S60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System (Dual L/R)98-03TL V6 Type-S60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System00-02Neon 4dr60mm115mm
N1 Exhaust System95-99Neon Coupe/4dr60mm115mm
WS Exhaust System00+Focus H/B60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System94-97Accord 2/4 Door, DX,LX,EX60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System90-93Accord 2/4 Door, DX,LX,EX60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System03+Accord 4 Cyl Coupe60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System98-02Accord 4Cyl 4Door60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System98-02Accord EX Single 4 cyl. Coupe60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System (Dual L/R)98-02Accord V6 4Door 60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System (Dual L/R)98-02Accord V6 Dual Coupe60mm100mm x 2
WS2 Exhaust System (Dual L/R)03+Accord V6 Dual Coupe60mm100mm x 2
WS2 Exhaust System98-02Accord V6 Single Coupe60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System92-00Civic Coupe 92-00 EX / Si60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System92-95Civic Coupe DX60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System96-00Civic Coupe DX60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System92-95Civic Coupe DX60mm115mm
N1 Exhaust System96-00Civic Coupe DX60mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System92-95Civic Coupe DX60mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System96-00Civic Coupe DX60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System01+Civic Coupe EX60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System01+Civic Coupe EX60mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System01+Civic Coupe EX 60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System92-00Civic Coupe EX / Si60mm100mm
GT Spec Exhaust System92-00Civic Coupe EX / Si60mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System92-95Civic H/B60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System96-00Civic H/B DX60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System96-00Civic H/B DX60mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System96-00Civic H/B DX60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System92-95Civic H/B excl. Si60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System92-95Civic H/B excl. Si60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System88-91Civic H/B Si/DX60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System02+Civic Si HB60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System02+Civic Si HB60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System92-96Prelude ALL60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System92-96Prelude ALL60mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System92-96Prelude ALL60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System97-01Prelude Type SH60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System97-01Prelude Type SH60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System97-01Prelude VTEC60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System97-01Prelude VTEC60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System00+S200060mm100mm
GT Spec Exhaust System00+S200060mm115mm
N1 Exhaust System02-04S2000 (Single)60mm90mm
N1 Exhaust System (Dual L/R)03+Tiburon 4cyl/V660mm115mm x 2
WS2 Exhaust System (Dual L/R)98+GS300/40065mm x2100mm x 2
WS2 Exhaust System01+IS30060mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System01+IS30060.5mm-65mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System01+IS30060mm-65mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System (Dual L/R)03+Mazda 6 4 Cyl. Sedan Dual60mm100mm x 2
WS2 Exhaust System (Dual L/R)03+Mazda 6 V6 Sedan Dual60mm100mm x 2
N1 EVO Exhaust System 90-97Miata60mm115mm
N1 Exhaust System90-97Miata60mm115mm
PSRevo Exhaust System93-95RX-785mm-95mm115mm
N1 Exhaust System93-95RX-770mm-85mm115mm
N1 Ex Ti Exhaust System93-95RX-770mm-95mm115mm
N1 EVO Exhaust System 86-91RX-765mm-70mm-85mm115mm
N-1 Dual Exhaust System86-91RX-765mm-(60.5mm-65mm) x2115mm x 2
N-1 Dual Exhaust System93-95RX-770mm-(60.5mm-65mm) x290mm x 2
GT Spec Exhaust System93-95RX-770mm-95mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System86-91RX-765mm-75mm-85mm115mm
PSRevo Exhaust System (Dual L/R)03+RX-860mm-70mm115mm x 2
WS2 Exhaust System95-99Eclipse GS60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System95-99Eclipse GS60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System95-99Eclipse GST70mm-85mm100mm.
GT Downpipes95-99Eclipse GST60mm-70mm
N-1 Downpipes95-99Eclipse GST60mm-70mm
N1 Exhaust System95-99Eclipse GST70mm-74.7mm-85mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System95-99Eclipse GS-T70mm-74.7mm-85mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System95-99Eclipse GSX80mm-85mm.100mm.
GT Downpipes95-99Eclipse GSX60mm-80mm
N-1 Downpipes95-99Eclipse GSX60mm-80mm
N-1 Downpipes90-94Eclipse GSX60mm-70mm
N1 Exhaust System95-99Eclipse GSX80mm-85mm115mm
N1 Exhaust System90-94Eclipse GSX70mm-74.7mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System95-99Eclipse GSX80mm-85mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System04+Lancer EVO 870mm-75mm-80mm100mm
N-1 Downpipes04+Lancer EVO 865 mm.
N1 Exhaust System04+Lancer EVO 870mm.-75mm.-80mm.115mm
N1 Ex Ti Exhaust System04+Lancer EVO 870mm.-75mm.-85mm.115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System04+Lancer EVO 870mm.-75mm.-85mm.115mm
GT Downpipes04+Lancer EVO VIII65mm
N1 EVO Exhaust System 89-94240 SX (Superceded from 161AN003)75mm-85mm115mm
N1 EVO Exhaust System 95-98240 SX (Superceded from 161AN004)75mm-85mm115mm
GT Downpipes91-98240SX
N-1 Downpipes91-98240SX
N1 Ex Ti Exhaust System89-94240SX75mm-75mm-95mm115mm
N1 Ex Ti Exhaust System95-98240SX75mm-75mm-95mm115mm
N-1 Dual Exhaust System89-94240SX60.5mm-65mm x290mm x 2
N-1 Dual Exhaust System95-98240SX60.5mm-65mm x290mm x 2
GT Spec Exhaust System89-94240SX (Superceded from 171-N003)75mm-75mm-95mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System95-98240SX (Superceded from 171-N004)75mm-75mm-95mm115mm
PSRevo Exhaust System (Dual L/R)03+350 Z 70mm-75mm-80mm115mm x 2
WS2 Exhaust System (Dual L/R)03+350Z70mm-75mm60mm x 2
N1 Ex Ti Exhaust System03+350Z70mm.-80mm.115mm 
N1 Exhaust System (Dual L/R)03+350Z70mm-80mm60mm x 2
WS2 Exhaust System02+Altima 4 Cyl 60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System (Dual L/R)02+Altima V6 Dual60mm100mm x 2
GT Downpipes95-98BCNR33 Skyline GTR
N-1 Downpipes95-98BCNR33 Skyline GTR
N1 Exhaust System95-98BCNR33 Skyline GTR85mm-95mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System95-98BCNR33 Skyline GTR85mm-95mm115mm
GT Downpipes90-94BNR32 Skyline GTR
N-1 Downpipes90-94BNR32 Skyline GTR
N1 Exhaust System89-94BNR32 Skyline GTR85mm-95mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System89-94BNR32 Skyline GTR85mm-95mm115mm
GT Downpipes99-02BNR34 Skyline GTR
N1 Exhaust System99-02BNR34 Skyline GTR80mm-85mm-95mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System99-02BNR34 Skyline GTR80mm-85mm-95mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System (Dual L/R)03+G35 Coupe70mm-75mm60mm x 2
N1 Exhaust System (Dual L/R)03+G35 Coupe70mm-80mm60mm x 2
WS2 Exhaust System95-96Maxima60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System97-99Maxima60mm100mm
WS2 Exhaust System02+Sentra SE-R Spec V60mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System02+ Sentra SE-R Spec V60mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System05+SAAB 92X Wagon65mm-65mm-80mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System05+SAAB 92X Wagon65mm-65mm-80mm115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System05+SAAB 92X Wagon74.7mm-85mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System02+Impreza WRX/ Sti (incl. Wagon)65mm-65mm-80mm100mm
N1 Exhaust System02+Impreza WRX/ Sti (incl. Wagon)65mm-65mm-80mm115mm
N1 Ex Ti Exhaust System02+Impreza WRX/ Sti (incl. Wagon)65mm3-80mm.115mm
GT Spec Exhaust System02+Impreza WRX/ Sti (incl. Wagon)74.7mm-85mm115mm
N1 Exhaust System98-01Imprezza RS 2.560mm115mm
PSRevo Exhaust System (Dual L/R)04+Legacy B4 2.5 GT70mm-75mm-60mm115mm x 2
WS2 Exhaust System00+Celica GT-S60mm100mm
N1 EVO Exhaust System 00+Celica GT-S60mm90mm
N1 Exhaust System91-95MR-2 (Racing use only)75mm-85mm115mm
WS2 Exhaust System00+MR2 Spyder60mm100mm
N1 EVO Exhaust System 00+MR2 Spyder60mm90mm 
GT Spec Exhaust System91-95MR-2 Turbo (Racing use only)75mm-80mm-95mm115mm
N1 Ex Ti Exhaust System93-98Supra85mm-95mm115mm
N1 EVO Exhaust System 93-98Supra85mm-95mm115mm 
GT Spec Exhaust System93-98Supra85mm-95mm115mm
N1 Exhaust System95-99Golf Gti 1.8T 54mm-60.5mm115mm
N1 Metal UniversalBlack NA
N1 Metal UniversalBlack Turbo
N1 Metal UniversalBlue NA
N1 Metal UniversalBlue Turbo
Exhaust Control ValveECV, Flange Type67mm.
Exhaust Control ValveECV, Pipe-Type80mm. 
N1 Metal UniversalGold NA
N1 Metal UniversalGold Turbo
Universal Exhaust SystemN1 Universal NA 60mm inlet 90mm
Universal Exhaust SystemN1 Universal Turbo 80mm inlet 115mm
Super SilencerSilencer for Dual N1 & N1 NA (90mm)90mm
Super SilencerSilencer for GT Spec and N1 Turbo115mm
Active Tail SilencerSilencer for GT Spec and N1 Turbo115mm.
Active Tail SilencerSilencer for N1 NA Canister90mm.
Super SilencerSilencer Removal Tool
Titanium Slide FinisherTitanium Slide Tip for N1 NA Canister90mm
Titanium Slide FinisherTitanium Slide Tip for N1 Turbo Canister115mm
N1 ExTi UniversalUniversal Expert Titanium Universal85mm
N1 ExTi UniversalUniversal Expert Titanium Universal60.5mm
Universal Exhaust SystemWS2 Universal NA 60 mm Inlet105mm
Universal Exhaust SystemWS2 Universal NA 60 mm Inlet (Offset-Right)105mm
Universal Exhaust SystemWS2 Universal NA 60mm Inlet (Offset- Left)105mm
Universal Exhaust SystemWS2 Unversal Turbo 80mm Inlet105mm

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