Custom HEMI Torque Converters

Are you having the "Bow-Tie" Blues? Is that raspy new Camaro or Silverado killing you on the streets? No worries here, because we now offer a complete solution!

We offer a new line of  high performance torque converters to help with acceleration and common failures for your late model dodge transmission.

When you combine features such as each individual fin is Tig Welded and Furnace Brazed, new Torrington thrust bearings, custom machined stators feature a billet stator cap with new spring and rollers, these steps with our oversized balloon plate or billet cover, and our upgraded torque converter clutch friction material.

The fact that every single one of our converters are hand built to your vehicles exact specifications and you have the best converter offered in the industry today. When building our custom made converters special attention is made to your vehicle's specifications. We take into account Camshaft duration, gear ratio, tire size, compression ratio, poweradders, ect. 

Contact us for specific applications and pricing.

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