Southeast Performance has teamed with K&P Engineering for the greatest "Reusable Oil Filters". 

K&P Engineering Manufacturer of the world’s finest oil filter! Completely 100% designed and manufactured in the USA! K&P Engineering’s reusable oil filters offer faster oil pressure at start-up, More filtered oil gives you longer asset life for your vehicles. Up to 7 times more oil flow than paper filters. Environmentally friendly!

K&P Engineering is Setting the industry standard with technological advancements and product design for Cleanable/reusable filters. Our engineering, manufacturing and testing has been ongoing since 1995. This type of filtration has been in use for many many years and has proven itself in NASCAR, Formula One, the Military and in the Aerospace industry. We have been inventing, designing engineering and manufacturing oil filters using this proven technology since 1995. K&P Engineering also manufactures oil filters that are FAA approved for certified aircraft.

Don’t settle for anything less than a “Genuine“ K&P Engineering filter with High Performance Stainless Steel Micronic Filters. Cleanable and Reusable, Proven Technology, Superior Filtration, Magnetic Pre-Filtering, High Flow Rate, Easy Filter Element Inspection, Unaffected by Water, Heat & Pressure, Environmentally Friendly. Meets/Exceeds Manufacturers Specifications Quality Materials

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