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King Ltd., located in Kiryat Gat, Israel, is a world class developer and manufacturer of engine bearings for automobiles, light and heavy duty trucks, boats, standby power and other types of internal combustion engines. It was started in Israel in 1960 and initially produced engine bearings for European applications. After some years, King Ltd. expanded its product line to include American, Japanese and Korean applications as well.

Though the years, King has developed and maintained a constant improvement philosophy concerning Customer Service, Production Techniques, and Sophisticated Bearing Design; King is now a certified ISO 9002 manufacturer, producing to the highest statistical quality control standards. King Ltd. Is a publicly traded company on the Israeli Stock Exchange.

In 1980, King Ltd. established its USA subsidiary, King Engine Bearings, Inc. in Cedar Grove, New Jersey to distribute the high quality line of engine bearings into the U.S.A. King ships its wide range of American and Imported engine bearings from it main distribution center in Cedar Grove, NJ and ten other factory branch warehouses.

King's only product is engine bearing, and because of this specialization, it produces the highest quality bearings available in the engine aftermarket. The King line now includes OEM replacement rod, main, thrust and cam bearings and a special line of High Performance bearings.


High Performance Bearings

Our racing sponsorship involves more than supplying money, product and technical help.  And our motivation is more than just the thrill of winning.

Racing is the ultimate laboratory for testing our bearings.  The loads engine bearings experience in pushing a ground - shaking race car down a quarter mile in four seconds, or launching 10,000 lbs. of truck 15 feet in the air, are enormous.

At KING Engine Bearings, we learn from these racing experiences, and we apply what we learn to help us make better bearings -- for race engines and for your everyday station wagon, too.  Racers like Eddie Hill and Jay Payne have benefited from KING innovations like:

  • Alecular™ Bearing Material -- KING developed this alternative to the traditional tri-metal bearings construction.  KING bearings have a single deep (.012" - .015") layer of Alecular material, an exclusive alloy of aluminum, tin, copper and other metals, on the steel backing.  This gives us superior embedability.
  • "Bull's Eye" Bearing Wall Tolerance -- With advanced quality control procedures, KING is able to maintain rod and main bearing wall thickness tolerances at an amazingly tight plus or minus .0001" -- far tighter than other manufacturers.
  • "MaxFlange®" -- A manufacturing principle that lets racers and street engine rebuilders save engines with borderline crankshaft endplay situations without additional machining.  Precisely-controlled bearing flange length is the secret.  King originated this manufacturing technology.

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