Striker Cylinder Heads

Manufacturer now has 3 pairs of Gen 2 Striker cylinder heads finished on the shelf. Fully machined, and ported with all modifications into them. No valve springs or retainers have been installed. These will be installed per the camshaft information and general use given. Manufacturer is asking $7500 pair ready to bolt on with Crower rockers. Contact Southeast Performance for details.


VIPER CYLINDER HEADS- Forget about falling into the C.F.M. flow bench numbers game; We are talking about POWER here.. 

For the Gen I, II, 3 and Gen 4 engines, we offer CNC-Ported O.E.M. (stock castings) heads that are completely race ported with high grade components installed and ready to bolt-on with ported intake manifold and custom camshaft. Approx. power increases over stock: Dyno's from our customers have proven over 115+ RWHP gains.


 We are now offering THE ONLY Aftermarket Cylinder Head Available for the Gen II and Gen III Viper engines, we have the original Striker S and R series Cylinder Heads. 

These heads are a completely revamped design and fly past the limitations of the original O.E.M. design in both in power and efficiency. Utilizing the latest in CNC technology, these heads have a completely new "fast-burn" combustion chamber, revised Intake Guide/Valve and plug location, superior coolant passages (noticeably cooler engine operation), robust valve train pads and a thick deck so these heads can really take a pounding. They come complete with a custom Jesel roller rocker system, Ferrea stainless valves, valve springs matched to your camshaft, titanium retainers, hardened keepers and new seals.

Contact Southeast Performance for details and pricing.

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