Trick Flow 190 Mopar Cylinder heads

Trick Flow PowerPort® 190 cylinder heads for small block Mopar. The heads fit all non-emissions, LA and Magnum-series 318, 340, and 360 engines used through 2003. That’s right, even Magnum owners can now use readily available LA engine parts such as intake manifolds and valve covers. Newly designed rocker arm shaft mounting bosses are stronger than the OE design, and larger diameter pushrod holes have been incorporated to accommodate 3/8" pushrods for use with flat tappet and hydraulic roller camshafts. Bronze alloy valve guides, ductile iron valve seats, and multi-angle valve seats further increase performance and durability. Assembled cylinder heads include premium 11/32" stainless steel valves, Trick Flow by PAC Racing valve springs, steel valve stem locks, and have chromoly and titanium retainer options. Contact Southeast Performance for more details and pricing.

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