Hays Clutches

borg & beck pressure plate
One of the earliest clutch designs but still among the most popular, the Hays Borg & Beck Three Finger Street Clutches utilize 12 heavy-duty coil springs to exert maximum pressure on the disc. These pressure plates are assembled without roller assist to minimize pedal pressure at high RPM.

diaphragm style pressure plate
This clutch features a heavy-duty cover to minimize flex and ensure strength and stability, and is assembled with a ductile iron pressure ring and high cone Belleville spring. The Hays Street/Strip Diaphragm Pressure Plate offers light pedal pressure and a quick, clean release for precise gear changes with positive engagement to handle the horsepower of most high performance vehicles.

long style pressure plate
The Hays Long-Style Pressure Plate is one of the most advanced designs available. This performance clutch features forged and heat-treated heavy-duty quick ratio levers to allow quicker release of the disc for more positive gear changes. Assembled with a heavy-duty reinforced cover, 9 premium quality silicone steel springs, special alloy eye bolts, and ductile iron pressure ring, make this clutch unequaled in performance on the street or at the track.

MATCHED ASSEMBLIES FOR MAXIMUM RELIABILTY! Engineered and built as a matched assembly, each kit will provide exceptional performance, durability and long term dependability. Kits designed for street and street strip applications to fit popular Chrysler, Ford and GM vehicles.

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