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At Bogart Racing Wheels we didn't invent the wheel, we just made it right for racing. We manufacture the lightest, most hardcore racing wheels available. From CNC spinning sheet aluminum, to machining of billet centers, through custom show polishing of our components, to final quality control and boxing; all work is done by Bogart Racing Wheels personnel, and we do it all in house.

We have been manufacturing wheel components for over 20 years and started the Bogart Racing Wheels line in 1994. Since that time, we have seen many new trends and markets develop in the racing industry. We have responded to those changes by doing the R&D necessary to produce wheels that meet the needs of those new markets.

While many companies offer racing wheels, we offer true racing wheels in sizes from 13" to 17" in diameter, widths in half inch increments, and backspacing from 1 3/4" to 11"+. We make wheels with any bolt pattern you require. We also specialize in hard to fit applications like Import Drag Racing and the newer Mustang Cobra, including the front wheels.

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