Halibrand Wheels

Halibrand wheels were used on Can Am cars, Fuel Altereds, Fuel dragsters, Indy cars, midget racers, and sprint cars, as well as sports racing cars that included the Shelby Cobra, Ford GT-40, Lola, and McLaren.

The earliest Halibrand wheels I have seen of are 18-inch magnesium wheels that are on a restored Indy car that was built in 1951.

Halibrand magnesium wheels were used on every car that won the Indy 500 from 1946 to 1963.

Many Halibrand wheels were made in the standard six-pin pattern for use with knockoff hubs. (The pins only locate the wheel on the hub or pressure plate, while the knockoff holds the wheel to the front hub or rear axle.) Six-pin wheels were commonly used in all types of racing except drag racing.

In addition to their quality, light weight, and historical significance, something else that makes Halibrand magnesium wheels outstanding is how they transform the looks of the car they're mounted on. While their function was a much greater design priority than their appearance, we have Ed Weimer to thank for creating the patterns for casting the original Halibrand wheels. It was his work that gave the wheels' spokes, cut-outs, lips, and ribs their timeless, agressive look.

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