Dodge 408 Magnum Stroker Engines

Mopar racers have known for years that
"There is no replacement for displacement"
Increasing the cubic inches of a motor is the most reliable way of gaining Horse Power & torque.

All of our custom built stroker longblocks are fully BluePrinted and Balanced using all the best components. Included are our Custom Line forged pistons and deep sump oil pans. All engines come with new Mopar Performance roller lifters, Roller timing chains, custom grind camshafts, timing chain covers, SFI dampners, H Beam rods, ARP main studs, Clevite bearings, Durabond cam bearings, Moly rings, Mellings oil pump, Brass freeze plugs , painted black

 They come with the Cylinder heads of your choice which include our own Precision C&C cylinder head porting to give you more Horsepower for your dollar. Add Cometic headgaskets,Mopar headbolts or ARP studs, with any of our custom Harland Sharp roller rocker combinations and this is the TOTAL PACKAGE in performance.

Our Engines are custom built to your specific requests and budget. Contact Southeast Performance for pricing and details.

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