Carbon By Design Hoods

Carbon by Design is the manufacturer of high quality composite materials; focusing primarily in Aerospace and Transportation manufacturing. In 2004 Carbon by Design patented its unique manufacturing method to offer vacuum quality carbon fiber composites which do not suffer from common visuals flaws seen in the VARTM process. By serving as a solutions provider, Carbon by Design offers full design and modeling services, prototyping, R&D & manufacturing capabilities. Facilities in Oceanside California include space for dedicated R&D, dry materials lab, and production.

Larger facilities and a more dynamic inventory has allowed Carbon by Design to provide small production and prototyping service to the Defense Industry. A registered federal contractor, Carbon by Design is well versed in the federal R&D contracting and regularly delivers field ready equipment with development times as little as sixty days.

Carbon by Design's current markets include aerospace tooling and manufacturing services, dedicated manufacturing and prototyping units, as well as a full desktop to mold capability. Current product lines include, defense, motorsports, biomedical, precision miniatures, and design services. In addition to its manufacturing business units Carbon by Design is actively maintains it retail market product lines dedicated to today best know performance and exotic vehicles. Continued close coordination with both General Motors and Mopar alike will continue to result in high quality composite products.

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