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The factories tune for average drivers who might buy low-octane gasoline and lug the engine. Our calibrations are engineered for drivers who care about performance and use premium-grade fuel. Gains of 10 to 20 horsepower with 3 to 7 tenths of a second improvement in acceleration times from 0 to 70 mph are typical - some improvements are even greater. However, some applications can enjoy tuning specifically for regular fuel. You can check on these applications by clicking on Dodge, Ford, or GM to view our feature comparison charts.

Hypertech Power Tuning makes trucks and sport utility vehicles come alive, too. These drivers will have more power for climbing hills, hauling heavy loads, and accelerating onto freeways. Power Tuning is an exact science. Much of the equipment we use was designed and built by Hypertech engineers specifically for software engineering and high-performance engine tuning.

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