Roll N Lock Tonneau

ROLL-N-LOCK's "M-Series" retractable hard truck bed covers are the product that made ROLL-N-LOCK famous. Their unique, patented features allow you to install this premium quality truck bed cover with CLAMPS! Patented aluminum slats laminated with top grade vinyl retract with smooth, quiet action, and then look terrific when closed. Their integrated tailgate lock latches the cover directly to your tailgate, keeping your cargo locked securely away. The compact canister, mounted at the front of the truck bed, can easily hold the retracted cover neatly out of the way, without taking up much space in your bed.

Clamp-On Installation - Install your ROLL-N-LOCK truck bed cover with clamps! Our patented clamp-on track design makes the job simple and secure.
Smallest Housing - The most compact all-aluminum housing in the industry allows more room for storage in the truck bed.
Torsion Spring - ROLL-N-LOCK uses a heavy-duty torsion spring, housed in a compact aluminum-tube reel, for the ultimate in strength and durability.
Multiple Latching Positions - Just turn the low-profile thumb lever, and your ROLL-N-LOCK truck bed cover slides open. A convenient integrated pull-strap allows you to draw the cover back towards you. As you do so, the ratchet-style locking mechanism latches in place at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or fully closed positions. Simple!
Built-In Tailgate Lock - Keep your cargo secure with ROLL-N-LOCK's patented integral tailgate locking system. Our positive locking system secures your tailgate and truck bed cover simultaneously, for the most secure system offered by any truck bed cover application.
Unique Slat Construction - Our contoured design provides smooth frictionless rotation. In the rotated position, the locking flange functions as a positive stop, minimizing stress on the surface material. In the flat position, the locking flange traps the flange of the adjacent slat preventing disengagement when a surface load is applied.
Key-Slot Cover - To address the needs of our colder regions, we have developed a key slot cover to prevent water from entering the lock mechanism and freezing.
Flush Handle - Our handle mechanism does not protrude beyond the housing, thus allowing more useable cargo space immediately aft of the housing.
Finger Insulator Grip - For very sunny and hot climates, we have incorporated a finger insulator grip into our design, which allows the operator to grasp the handle without burning his or her fingertips.
Drains - Two recessed drain fittings ensure rapid and complete drainage of unit housing.

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